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CV or Curriculum Vitae is a focused and comprehensive reference to your academic history, achievements, and skills. The admission committee will have a look at your resume for just a few seconds. In those few seconds, they must be impressed. Of course, not all colleges and universities look for the same kind of information. Therefore, you may need a customized CV when applying for different colleges. However, there are a few secret ingredients to a perfectly drafted CV. At IQ Education Consultants, we make sure you build your CV in the best way possible.

Let’s have a quick look at the key ingredients of a CV.

  • Personal information includes details such as name, permanent residential address, telephone number, gender, date of birth and age. You don’t have to include unnecessary data here. Based on the demands of the university, details must be included.
  • Heading or statement includes information on your future plans and ideas with regards to education/career. Choose words precisely and make it compelling.
  • Academic qualification comprises of the school/colleges you attended, your score, percentile, year of passing, grades awarded, and so on. Just be sure that you follow the format suggested by the prospective university.
  • Professional experience may not apply for everyone. If there’s any relevant experience for which you could attest lawful documentation if needed, mention that. Your application may be rejected if the norms of the university don’t match your experience.
  • Extracurricular achievements enable the admission committee to know what kind of a personality you are. You can mention your achievements, if any, in arts, sports, community service, entertainment, etc.
  • Declaration is another crucial aspect of a CV. Whatever you have mentioned in the resume should be true; only then, any college will consider it as a reflection of what your life has been until now. So, ensure the information you provide is completely true so that you don’t get into trouble when the prospective university conducts a background reference check on you.
You shall not be worried about the numerous aspects you have to cover in building a CV. We, at IQ Education Consultants Hyderabad, have all the resources and expertise to help a student craft a great CV that would help him or her get admission in their dream college.


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