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Psychometric Test

Psychometric Test

Psychometric tests are performed by experts who have good understanding of students. These tests serve as a major tool in educational psychology. In several countries, it is necessary that students take this test before choosing his or her career of interest.
In a student’s life, psychometric tests are largely used during the college admission and job application to analyze the personality, aptitude and behavior of the student.
The test last almost an hour. Actually, you don’t have to study for this test because there isn’t any correct or wrong answer for any question asked in this test. Students should be honest in their answers. At IQ Education Consultants, we assist you in preparing mentally for this test. We help you by explaining the kind of questions you’ll probably be asked and the expected attitude and behavior you should exhibit during the test.
The key components of the judgment from this test include verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, quantitative reasoning, managerial judgment, and motivational test.
At IQ Education Consultants, we have expert psychometricians with diverse knowledge and experience of accurately analyzing and interpreting student behavior and evaluating the results of these psychometric tests that are conducted under their strict supervision. As a result, we can recommend the best course and country choice for a student based on his or her

  • Personality
  • Interest areas
  • Aptitude
  • Abilities

When a student turns up for the test, we monitor the whole process and ensure that the results are reliable and accurate. We help students be aware of their aptitude and what exactly they are good at. Knowing the mind of a student is crucial if he or she wants to go abroad to study. 

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