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Prior to exploring the different aspects of studying abroad, it’s crucial that the student and his/her family is well informed about the educational programs abroad, the environment, career opportunities and so on by means of attending relevant workshops held by teachers who have a wholesome experience in the domain.

At IQ Education Consultants Hyderabad, we have professional, qualified and trained teachers to conduct well scheduled, structured and informative workshops that provide all the required knowledge to study abroad. We sport an expert team of motivational speakers, teachers and lecturers who have vast experience in the relevant fields of research and education.

Our trainers and teachers ensure that the workshops are interactive and students gain maximum knowledge. We are geared towards making the students and their families be informed about their decisions and the future prospects with respect to their course of study, place of study and career.

Workshops can be conducted on a single day or in a number of days depending on the complexity of the subject and the number of participants. One or more experts will be interacting with students in the workshop hours. Good news is our charges are reasonable and sometimes we even conduct free workshops. Both students and parents benefit a lot from our teacher workshops. They get to know so much about foreign education and how it will work for them. Our workshops constitute a number of brainstorming sessions, thereby making students and parents think and make wise choices.


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