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Pretty obviously, a student visa is mandatory to study abroad. The matter of the fact is that it’s not quite easy to obtain a student visa. However, visa consultants with IQ Education Consultants, work to simplify this process and provide all the required assistance to obtain your visa effortlessly. Our team can provide students with the right information on the relevant documentation required for submission during the process. Besides, we help students to fill up the visa applications and prepare financial statements, thereby making the entire process a walk in the park.

We travel with the student throughout – right from the beginning of the process until everything is obtained smoothly. Once the offer letter is received from the chosen university abroad, the immediate next step is getting approval for the student visa. We advise you and prepare you on various aspects so that you get the student visa without hassles. We train you on presenting yourself in the most appropriate manner. Our team also conducts mock interviews to prepare you efficiently to answer any question asked by the visa department.
We know that every country has different procedures to apply for the visa. Our specialist visa consultants help you with sufficient information based on each country’s needs.

Once you partner with us, we keep you in the loop right from the admission application. We update you on the progress at every step. We also stay in touch with visa officials to be informed of the status of the process. IQ Education Consultants have a good rapport with visa consulates of various countries. Moreover, we are updated on the latest rules, regulations and changes with respect to visa application and related documents. With us, you can be sure of receiving your visa at the earliest.


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